International Products & Services

Over the years, United Courier & Logistics has emerged as leading provider of Express, Courier & Logistics services across Pakistan. Along with the progress of Domestic services, United Courier & Logistics has witnessed strong growth in terms of its global outreach. Today, our dynamic range of products/services makes us one of the preferred service providers in the international space for both inbound and outbound movement of shipments.

United Courier Logistics has strategic tie-ups and business arrangements with key global players to provide services in more than 240+ countries around the world. In addition to this, United Courier Logistics has extended its service network around the world through its own subsidiary offices, joint ventures, representative offices and franchisees abroad. While UK offices caters to the European market, our US and Canada offices cover the American continent. Singapore office serves Asia-Pacific Region, and the Dubai office manages the Middle East countries. United Courier Logistics has recently acquired a majority stake in Eurostar Express of UAE, thereby strengthening its position and reach in the Middle East and addressing the market more effectively through highly innovative products. This also made United Courier & Logistics the first Pakistan Express company that made an international acquisition. United Courier Logistics covers Turkey, Kenya and Oman through a network of business associates and master franchisees. Important SAARC countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka are managed by key business associates and are serviced from Pakistan. Recently, United Courier Logistics also set up a joint venture in China with Air Dragon Freight (Beijing) Co Ltd. becoming the first Pakistan Express company to have its presence in China. Presently, United Courier Logistics China Limited operates from three locations: Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. The company is in the process of setting up joint ventures in Australia and Germany to cater to the express distribution needs of customers in those countries. United Courier Logistics ’s international services comprise of delivery services for both documents & parcels, covering almost all countries around the globe.

United Courier Logistics has thus successfully transformed itself from a domestic courier company to a full scale supply chain solutions provider offering domestic and international express, freight, transportation, logistics management, warehousing and distribution services.

Our International Products and Services

Our products can broadly be described in two major categories: Express and Cargo Services

1. Express Services

  • International Document Express Services is Expedited Air Express Services, designed to deliver time-sensitive documents worldwide.

  • International Non Document Express Services is Air Parcel Services, designed to deliver parcels worldwide via a swift customs clearance channel at the origin and destination countries.

2. Cargo Services

  • Door to Door (Express / Economy Services) is the movement of large commercial shipments either on express or economy mode from origin door to destination door.

  • Door to Airport (Express / Deferred Services) is the movement of large commercial shipments either on express or economy mode from origin door to destination airport.

  • Airport to Airport (Express / Deferred Services) is the movement of large commercial shipments from origin airport to destination airport.

Additionally, over the years, we have introduced many customized products such as:

  • Student Express

    This product has been designed specifically to address to critical and sensitive needs of the Student segment. Students from Pakistan sending application forms, statements of purpose, and other personal documents to universities and institutes abroad can now avail attractive schemes from United Courier Logistics that include special prices, 24/7 online tracking, free home pick-up and guaranteed delivery.

  • Excess Baggage

    Often, our customers who are relocating to/from, vacationing or visiting loved ones in international locations face issues carrying excess baggage back with them or are charged high EBT charges by the airlines. We offer seamless and relatively cost-effective solutions with safe packaging and reasonable time frames of delivery, for such requests.

  • Imports Express

    Subject to custom clearances and various other permits required, we offer solutions for Import into Pakistan through Express modes.

  • International Cash on Delivery

    Our customers outside Pakistan can request pick-up from anywhere in Pakistan at their local United Courier & Logistics offices and receive them at their doorstep, with payment made by the consignee on receipt of shipment.